Radiation Island

Every Monday host Steve Poggi and co-host Ron Finger bring you an action packed show filled with conversations on movies, comic books, video games, and various life struggles/stories. They have on guests from various backgrounds. People share intense stories that changed their lives every week. Once recorded on the streets of San Francisco, and now Relocated to St. Louis, MO. Oh, and their is a hyper aggressive artificial intelligence named Lord Akron that is actively trying to end the human race..... He's kinda like a host?
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Jul 18, 2016
Episode 018 - Always Up, Never Down

Steve and Chris sit down even though Timothy Pizza is MIA. Luckily enough Jackson McBrayer comes along to chat with the guys. Current events, movies, and STD stories. Oh and don't worry! We have a big helping of Pizza at the very end!


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Jul 11, 2016
Episode 017E - Big  Pizza Slice

This week Christopher Conatser, Steve Poggi, and Timothy Renato Pizza are all lined up to interview Ian Hamill. Though in true Radiation Island form, the guest does not show. Instead Chris and Steve turn a hungry gaze to Pizza, who does not disappoint! Timothy answers the Big 5 podcast questions (for what is presumed a second time), but we get a whole lot more about being wrongfully locked up in a mental institution! As an added Bonus Poggi, Blake Jones, Tim Young, and Reed Marshal Becker do a fight companion to a uff headlining fight. Black and Tim are avid MMA fans. Reed is a practitioner of BJJ, and Steve gets so drunk he thinks he's Joe Rogan.

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Jul 6, 2016
Episode 016 - A Celebration of Journey Roberts & Womanhood

This week we see the Celebration of Journey Roberts and her navigation through womanhood. We have a special expose piece with many contributors: 

Christopher Conatser - Swings and misses

Pam Benjamin - Cook's up food and near death stories

Jonathan Moore - Swims through an alligator river to surf with sharks

Zach O Wiseman - Begs for it all to be over

Kevin Renner - Runs birthday candle duty

Ethan Albers - Goes full "Hodor" for the celebration

Nicole Love - Fields questions from the hosts

Sean McKenzie - Witness the savage massacre of a puppy

Jon Alcabes - Confesses to slaughtering a Frog

Alyssa Westerlund - Hair Brush Handle Santa (thats all you need to know)

John Gallagher - Almosts gets exploded

Thomas Bridgman - eats lollipops on the dark side of life

Weird Masturbation Guy - Guy really wants to tell his jerk off story


Mentioned during the Cast:

FC Sierra

Conor Doherty

Timothy Pizza


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